Monday, October 10, 2011

Mall Shopping Experience

Here are some emblems mall that became a trademark of the shopping experience pleasant and memorable.

1. Mall of the Emirates:

Their brand is simple and sophisticated. It consists of the name of the Company in orange fonts that are fairly legible. A little star as a symbol accompanies the name, adding a creative and artistic air to the emblem. Use blue and orange on a white background with this image fresh and makes it one of the best logos ever mall.

2. The West Edmonton Mall

The logo used for the year 2010 consists of three initial creative craftsmanship. The letter "W" was created by red font and the letter "M" was created fonts purple. The letter "E" has created in front of a small EVENT TYPE next to the two letters. Bright colors and creative positioning of the text to be imaginative and distinctive. The monogram is again devoid of color, is composed of the same image in grayscale.

The Grand Canal Shoppes 3rd:

Located in Las Vegas, this mall is Regal and majestic, as reflected in its brand. Monogram consists of an image of a golden lion with wings. The image reflects the Mall is magnificent, royal, scary and here to stay. Because the image is sufficient to transmit the Mall has the text is written in simple language and fonts, so that the main objective remains the image.

4th Wafi Mall

It is also in Dubai, its emblem reflects the uniqueness of the country. The mall is designed to resemble the shape of a pyramid and thus also used in its emblem. The box has three gold medals triangular ovals give a contemporary twist to the traditional form of the pyramids. The text is designed only in the sources of dark blue are easy to read.

5. Cevahir Istanbul:

This is the center of the sixth largest in the world and in Turkey. This center is known for its modern shopping and entertainment experience that is reflected in its brand. The emblem consists of a colored star on a white background that looks luminous and magical.

6th Mall of America:

Located in Minnesota, this is also called MOA and Megamall because of its size. Their trademark contains the true essence of the country. The logo is created in white, red and blue of the name of the mall comes with stars and ribbons in the national colors. The use of colors and national symbols, it is one of the most recognizable shopping logos in America.